October 29

Leadership speech from police man

Later today my class and I had a second leadership speech made by Sean the police officer. He tolled us about when he was in mr R grade and how he was shy but later in life he became a lot less shy and joined the police force.

He tolled us what he dose and why he dose it and he has been on T.V before because there was an inserdent and he was very nice but he didn’t want any police questions but at the end it was a grate day and it was really cool getting to meet a police officer.

October 29

Leadership speech

today mrs Montgomery came in to our class room and talked to us a bout being a leader she tolled us six important words that are important if you what to be a leader in any way.

the words are…

. Honesty is when your honest about something that hppened . Listening is when you listen to the important things not the things that could get you in to trouble.

. Trust your friends about what they are saying is nothing but the truth


. Stay strong is when you stay strong if someone se

. Sense of humour

. Teamwork

. Focusing on what is important

they are a few kind words from our perishable and it was kind of funny but it was not the funnyest thing that I have ever seen i guess. It was very educational.

October 15




Today we lernt about shadows. Shadows Change when the sun changes direction. It rises in the east and it seats in the west. It creates a shadow when it hits some thing that is not see through.



October 7

The lunar system

imageToday we had to chose what we thought what we think happens in the

lunar systum.  I think that the Earth spins and goes around the sun at the

Same time and as that is happening the moon is following the Earth in an

ever going cycle.

October 6

Haiku poem

imageA haicu poem is when you make a poem that has a limited amount of silibals. A haiku poem as a Japanese poem. It is one of the meany forms of poems.

A haiku poem can be about anything. It could be about your pet dog, cat, fish or any other thing that I didn’t mention.