July 17

What went well?

today I had a good hockey traning season with all the other people in the hockey team and the couch is mr. Smith he is a great couch he helps everyone do their very best and he lets us try and get past him at the end of the traning season, and hockey is my favorite sport.


what is you favorite sport?



July 17

How to do a quality post

On a blog you have to do a quality post. When you do a quality post you have to Includ all of the steps.

step 1 you have to have a good reason to do a post

step 2 have an interesting title

step 3 you can add a photo if you want to

step 4 you have to add a reforestation if you added a photo

step 5 when you are doing a post you have to talk about the topic at hand

step 6 you have to have interesting informason for you post

step 7 you have to have three or more sentences

step 8 when you are finish you can ether save it as a draft or you can publish it on your blog.


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